What`s vertex gallery?

vertex gallery is a virtual art gallery that shows 34 new art pieces every day. These art pieces change every night at 22:00 UTC.

The gallery not only shows paintings, it also shows pictures and other types of art such as sculptures.

Where does Vertex gallery get the data from?

Vertex gallery gets the data from Artic edu API. This is an excellent API witch provides free and public domain data about art.


In case you are visiting the experience on a computer you can move with WASD or arrow keys. You can move the camera with the mouse.

If you are on a phone you can control the movement with the virtual joystick. And you can control the camera by touching the screen.

Note that this experience is much better on a computer than on a phone.


All the art shown in the gallery is provided by artic Edu API using the Public domain flag. All these images are licensed under the CC0 license. You can view more information here.

All models are created by me and are licensed under the CC0 license.